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Aamir Khan hunting for a hot item girl?

Posted by Mohan Desai On 2:08 PM

Rumours are rife in the industry circles that Aamir Khan wants to have an item song in his home production Delhi Belly and is on the look out for an A list actress to perform it.From what we have heard from industry sources, Aamir, the master planner wants to give his medium budget production, Delhi Belly starring nephew Imran Khan the big push by roping in a big starlet for an item song.The song is not a gimmick but a part of the film. Sources further reveal, “Apparently, Aamir first tried it out with his 3 Idiot’s co-star Kareena but since she is busy with shooting commitments she could not allot her dates. Roping of current flavour of the season Priyanka Chopra also crossed his mind but it seems it may be too much of an ego issue for him, since his request for a screen test for her during the casting of Ghajini had not gone down to well for her. Now it remains to be seen who shall be finally be the one who shall be chosen by Mr. Perfectionist.”Knowing his penchant for perfectionism perhaps a reality dance show hunt ala Shah Rukh Khan (he chose cheerleaders for his IPL team) might work? But then A list actress would certainly not participate in it.



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