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Akki’s award goes to Aamir

Posted by Mohan Desai On 11:37 AM

After all the drama and exchange of annoyance that took place on stage of an award ceremony recently, it was Akshay Kumar, who saved the show with his kindheartedness. The actor took many by surprise when he refused to accept ‘The Most Popular Actor’ award saying that not him, but Aamir Khan deserved the award for his work in Ghajini. Our sources say, “Akshay Kumar saw Ghajini in New York when he was there for the premiere of Chandni Chowk to China and was floored by Aamir’s performance and effort. On his return to India from London, Akshay saw Singh Is Kinng in the flight and thought that Aamir’s effort was far more commendable. Receiving the award Akshay said, “I feel humble that I have won the award for ‘The Most Popular Actor’. I have waited for this award since a long time. However, I recently saw Ghajini and thought that Aamir deserves this award more. I know that Aamir does not accept awards, but I want him to accept this as a symbol of love that people have for him. I want him to enjoy the award as much as I would have done.” When contacted Akshay Kumar said, “I did something that I genuinely felt. I really do not wish to talk about it.”

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