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I needed a break, Aamir on holiday without wife

Posted by Mohan Desai On 4:14 PM
Aamir Khan today announced that he has gone on a holiday now with his two children but minus his wife Kiran as she is busy working on her first film as a director Dhobi Ghaat. For these two months he will most of the times stay away from blogging. He writes to his blog fans, “I’m going to go off the map for the next two months folks. I think I needed a break in any case, as I was kind of not really there last couple months, if you know what I mean. So I will see you now in June. Or end May. Unless I start turkeying in which case I’ll drop a line. And once I"m back rested from my holiday I'll be much more connected. ”Aamir has been an active participant of inspiring our countrymen to go out and vote. Speaking in this regards he requests, “Remember to vote, and make an informed choice. Check out all the candidates from your area before you decide who to vote for. ” Talking about the multiplex owners v/s producers issue Aamir states, “Also, you probably have heard by now that all film producers and distributors have decided not to release any films in any Indian national multiplex chains until we get fair terms, and they stop bullying us, and they stop all irregularities. So please bear with us. ”

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