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Ghajini will re-release in cinemas

Posted by Mohan Desai On 1:10 PM
Ghajini is slated for another release this year after the movie was a huge blockbuster the previous year. Producer Madhu Mantena has decided to re-release the Aamir Khan starrer one more time in the first week of april. The movie will be released with a marketing effort of “more footage”. That means one would get to see more muscular Aamir with more memory loss. Apparently the producer asked Aamir what he thought of the strategy and Aamir was all for it.

Ghajini encore will see a huge benefit of the on-going strike and so many people wouldt have an option but to watch the film. The movie will release throughout India . "We'll go for a full-fledged release with about 200 prints. Hopefully, this time we'll again create some ripples."

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