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The bonding between Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt is getting stronger by the day. Not only has Dutt agreed to do Devgan's comedy directed by Rohit Shetty, in spite of his decision to concentrate on his newly - started political career, Dutt also decided to allot dates to Shetty's film All The Best immediately.However, the first of schedule of All The Best which was supposed to start from March 5 has been moved to March 10, leading to speculation whether there's trouble in paradise. But Dharam Oberoi, the CEO of Sanjay Dutt films quickly quells all controversy. "Before people start imagining there's a problem between Mr. Dutt and Mr. Devgan let me say the dates have been kindly re-adjusted by Mr. Devgan to accommodate the last schedule of Blue which now begins on March 1." Apparently, coordinating Sanjay's dates with Akshay Kumar for Blue has been a problem. Says Oberoi, "They're both busy artistes. Yes it has been a problem coordinating their dates. In fact the last schedule from March 1 has been arranged to accommodate Akshay Kumar because he has to leave. Ajay's film was to start on March 5. But he kindly agreed to shift forward his film to March 10 to accommodate the last schedule of Blue."

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