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Aishwarya upset as Sonam endorse her brand

Posted by Mohan Desai On 1:03 PM

Aishwarya Bachchan is hopping mad that sonam kapoor will walk the red carpet at Cannes along with her for an international cosmetics brand both endorse on May 19. Says a source, "On May 10, while attending the brand's event in Mumbai, Sonam had spoken about replacing Ash, an international face for a whole range of products for the company. At the same event, Sonam was welcomed as the youngest member to join the brand's dream team. Then the company folk then added that Sonam would be walking the red carpet in Cannes." However a source close to Aishwarya denies this. The source adds, "Sonam was signed in December 2008 as ambassador for the brand in Indiaind not as part of The International dream team. And so, she will not do the carpet honours at Cannes for the brand."The source adds, "Ash will walk the red carpet with the brand's dream team, including Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Yeoh. Aishwarya got to know Sonam was coming when she reached Cannes. But Sonam has not been invited by the brand but is there with her father Anil Kapoor as a visitor." While the brand spokesperson remained unavailable for comment, a source close to Sonam says, "At the Cannes festival press conference, Aishwarya called Sonam's statements on the party day as juvenile and irresponsible. Sonam is shocked and hurt that Aishwarya is reacting to her in such a way when Sonam has gone out of her way to praise her at the party held on May 10. Sonam and Aishwarya are from two different generations and she has always looked up to Ash for her ability to handle the most difficult of situations with dignity and style."Sonam's friend adds, "Sonam can't understand why Ash is so upset with her and is bitching her out everywhere. Sonam feels that Aishwarya is doing some great films in spite of being 35 years old and that Sonam is too small for someone's of Aishwarya's stature. It's very childish of Aishwarya to react like this."

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