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Who could have thought that Hrithik Roshan , the pin-up hunk of
Bollywood, would be asked to reduce his waistline for a commercial?
This is reportedly what happened when the ad makers of a clothing line
which Hrithik endorses wanted the superstar to look his best for an
upcoming commercial that's aimed at the youth.

The superstar was asked to get leaner by a few inches and even shed
the muscular look which he has been sporting for his home production
Kites .

Reports say Hrithik's dad Rakesh Roshan was not in favour of his son
losing any of his brawns, particularly because a slimmer look would
not have suited Hrithik's character in the upcoming Sanjay Leela
Bhansali film which the actor is set to shoot.

But Hrithik, the professional that he is, decided to shed weight and
reduced his waist from 30 inches to 28 inches for the shoot.

Well, that could match a few female hourglasses. Read More......

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