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Fake IPL Player

Posted by Mohan Desai On 1:23 PM
Who is the "Fake IPL Player" afterall ?

For SRK’s Kolkata Knight Rider’s, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Since the talk began about IPL season 2, KKR was the one which was the most talked about team, partly because of SRK and hugely because of its Controversies, the multiple captaincy strategy. Finally the multiple captaincy idea was put aside making Brendon McCullum as the single captain of the team. Just when things were seemed to be settled in KKR and time has come to prove their popularity on the field, enter’s the so claimed Fake IPL Player.He claims to be from the Kolkata Knight rider’s team and makes some witty remarks on Sourav Ganguly. Writing a post on April 19 after the team meeting, he described Ganguly as ‘Lord Almighty’ and said that his [edited] experience would be used in the middle order.

He says

“Just out of the team meeting held in the Coach’s suite. Skipper did most of the talking. He is opening with the Calypso King. Lord Almighty is at No. 3. Some [edited] about using his experience to guide the middle order, similar to what the other 2 of the troika did yesterday. Lord sat there straight faced. Didn’t say much. Didn’t smile at all. I was standing at one corner straight across the Lord. And given my height and stature I can go quite unnoticed. I was observing the Lord carefully, each twitch of his eyes, every movement of his thumb, his gaze. He is very unhappy and uncomfortable. Being treated like this in front of his bachchas“.

Though the authenticity of him being a player in KKR is questionable, the facts which he posts in his blog seems to be true.People suspect that it might be Akash Chopra but in yesterdays blog post, he said that his name was not in the playing XI against Kings XI Punjab to be played on Tuesday.Is this a publicity stunt by an anonymous ambitious blogger?All in all, who is the man behind the blog remains a mystery. Probably, SRK, the DON should enter the scene now and say some dialogues

3 Response to 'Fake IPL Player'

  1. bhdresh Said,

    who is he ?
    give me a that blog adrees


  2. give me a that blog adress


  3. yes bhadresh blog url is www.Fakeiplplayer.Blogspot.Com


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