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Every daughter is a laadli: SRK

Posted by Mohan Desai On 12:34 PM

On the launch of the Laadli Week celebrations, Shah Rukh ‘King’ Khan said, “Not everybody is blessed with a daughter; only lucky people are blessed with this bundle of joy. Every daughter is a ‘Laadli’, she is very special. Especially for a father, she is his laadli, his life’s ultimate desire; she is his life.”Star Plus’ Laadli Week, which begins April 13, in association with the KC Mahindra Educational Trust’s Project Nanhi Kali, will see a series of fundraising and awareness creation events through promotions to educate underprivileged girl children in India. The week comprises of activities which will bring a smile on the children’s faces and give them memories to cherish for a lifetime.Taking out time from the IPL mania, Saurav Ganguly said, “Everybody questions me about my most memorable moment — making a century in my test debut, winning a series in England or getting into the world cup finals. But the most memorable time is the time that I spend playing hide and seek with my seven-year-old daughter. Her smile is priceless; no trophy and no award can come closer to matching it.”Known for her support to women’s causes in India and also an idol for many people across the country, Kiran Bedi, the host of Aap Ki Kachehri, a show that created waves on Indian television said, “I was my parent’s ‘Laadli’. It’s because of my parents’ upbringing that I am what I am today. It entirely depends upon the parents on how they bring up their girl child, educate her, make her financially self-reliant and get her the self respect she deserves. I am happy that the channel is celebrating the girl child week as ‘Laadli Week’ as the number of girl children in India is decreasing. And this is not happening because of poverty but mentality. If you think that you girls are weak, it’s not them but your upbringing which is weak.”She further added, “If my parents had the same thought process, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Their thinking was strong and therefore I grew up to be a strong individual. You can also do the same. Bring up you girl child with care, make her self reliant; self reliance will come with education and self reliance is power. If you do this, your girl children will respect you more and will care of you for life. Make your faith in your girl child strong.”That’s not all; even the telestars who are the laadlis of their parents onscreen as well as in real life are supportive of this initiative. Popular Sara Khan aka Sadhana of Sapna Babul ka–Bidaai said, “This is an excellent initiative. I think we should promote girls as people think that girls are not doing anything and therefore girls are a bane in our lives. These days, maximum high rankers in schools are girls. We have often heard in the news that girls are making new records in academics and every other field as they are very capable. This initiative, supporting the education of 600 girls every year, will make a great difference. I think this will work as an eye opener for those who are still silent when it comes to educating and helping orphan girls.”Further added Parul Chauhan, the newly wed Ragini of Sapna Babul ka - Bidaai, “Being a girl, I completely support this cause. I believe the happiness of building a new life for an orphan girl is completely out of the world. If all of us could spare a small share of our income towards the life of a girl child then we can really make a difference.”The fresh new face on television, Hina Khan, who plays Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, said, “I am very glad to be a part of this platform where one can speak up for the girl child. It is really sad that even today people do a sex determination of their unborn child and choose not to have a girl child. The strength of a woman is something that is not recognized even today. A platform has been created for people to speak up for the girl child and to come forward and help in whatever way they can... financially or just by moral support. I am proud to be a part of this and proud to be a woman.”As a part of the initiative, winners of a contest will also have the chance to have their daughter featured in the show Sabki Laadli Bebo.

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