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The two hot men in Bipasha’s life

Posted by Mohan Desai On 12:23 PM
It’s not just the female fans who are smitten by the cutiepie Ranbir Kapoor. His charm has also floored our hottie Bipasha Basu. After working with the young Kapoor in ‘Bachana Ae Hasino’ Bips just can’t stop talking about Ranbir.Now it's clear that Bipasha has a soft corner for the dashing and talented Ranbir but the height was when this bombshell said that her lucky boy is none other than our chikna Ranbir."He is a youth icon in today's time. I really had a fantastic time shooting with him." And we thought that John's the hot man in her life! "John's my boyfriend and he is certainly hot but Ranbir is my lucky boy." We wonder what Deepika and John have to say on that!

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