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Did Rubina's father try to sell her?

Posted by Mohan Desai On 12:27 PM

In a startling revelation a British new website carried the report of Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali's father trying to sell her. In a sting operation conducted by the website it said that in a bid to escape poverty and life in the slum Rafiq Qureshi had put Rubina up for adoption demanding a whopping 200000 pounds from an Arabian family.Rafiq however denied the claim and said that he had gone to the hotel to meet an Arabian sheikh to discuss about an ad film and had no plans to sell off his daughter. The website had claimed that Rafiq had offered his daughter to the undercover journalists who were posing as the sheikh. Rafiq had said that he was doing this to have a better life for himself his family and Rubina. The website alleged that Rafiq also blamed Hollywood for pushing him into this deal and said his daughter was no ordinary kid now and deserved a Special life. Rubina’s biological mother, Kushi, however accused Qureshi of selling their child for money. She demanded that her daughter be sent to a boarding school for a better life. Well all we can say is that Rubina's life is not as ordinary as that of slum kid anymore.

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