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Salman Khan rescues Ajay Devgan!

Posted by Mohan Desai On 10:42 AM
Mumbai: Ajay Devgan is known to be the most chilled-out person on the sets, but he too apparently lost his cool on the sets of London Dreams when he found out that the outfits he needed to wear for some crucial scenes in the movie were not fitting him.
Salman Khan lends his clothes and becomes Ajay Devgan's stylist for the shoot. The situation was saved by Salman Khan's timely intervention who gave Ajay outfits from his personal collection which was luckily similar to those that Kajol's hubby was supposed to flaunt.
A source close to the development informs, "Ana Singh is the costume designer for the film and she has worked with Ajay for many years now. She had made all the outfits for the actor but the goof up happened when Vipul Shah (the director) while strolling in London suddenly loved something from Zara, picked it up for Ajay and did not check with Ana thinking that since the size was the same, it would fit Ajay well."
The insider adds, "On the day of the shoot, to everybody's shock Ajay's wardrobe was found to be ill-fitting. Nothing could be done about it and it was upsetting, but thankfully Salman came to the rescue and became Ajay's stylist for those shots by giving his personal clothes. He saved the day."
Confirming this, Vipul says, "Ajay is always cool as a cucumber and so we did not have any problems from his end as he was willing to go ahead with the shoot if alterations made things better. The problem was with an overcoat which we thought would fit Ajay fine but after Ajay wore it, the coat was hanging on him. We were upset as without it the look that we wanted to stick to for the film was getting ruined. At that moment Salman rescued our film's scenes as he gave Ajay something that he was carrying and it was quite similar to what we wanted. He became Ajay's stylist for all the shots. Ajay too returned the favour. He gave his own clothes to Salman during shooting."

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