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Akshay Kumar demands 45 crore per film

Posted by Mohan Desai On 1:39 PM
Akshay Kumar who is riding high in the industry has made news for his whopping price demand for his next film. Akshay has refused to do a film for his Mohra director Rajiv Rai unless he pays him his dues of a massive 45 crore.
Akshay has ruined Rajiv Rai’s plans of making a comeback in the industry with his friend Akshay Kumar. Now the film has been put on hold because of Akshay’s demands for 45 crore.
Akshay had initially given the film a nod and Rajiv Rai had moved from his Los Angeles home to Mumbai for the proceedings. Rajiv had also registered three titles Do or Die, To Do or Die and Heat. But when Akshaty spoke to the producer regarding the money details Rai was shocked to see Akshay demanding a percentage of the profit along with few other rights related to the film. This totaled up to nearly 45 crore. Given this the total budget of the film shot up to Rs 80 – 90 crore which the producer knew he would never recover. So Rai will not go ahead and make his dealilngs with Akshay and is now planning on making a film with Aamir Khan which will be a period film in English scripted by a Hollywood director

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