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For Emraan Hashmi, playing an integral character in a film is the most important thing to do regardless of the screen space he gets. So whether it is a small but critical role in Kalyug or an obsessive lover with villainous shades in Murder or one of the three key characters in Raaz - The Mystery Continues, he approaches them with all the honesty and integrity.
Ask him if he is the main lead in the film or Adhyayan Suman and he goes on to reply, "I don't really get into topics like these because gone are the days when there was the concept of a hero or a main lead. I pick up a film when I am very convinced about a role because it's the depth in the character that matters most. If I like it, I go ahead and do it. I don't get into matters where I have to worry about whether the person other than me in the film has a meatier role."
Stating examples about how he has maintained this strategy from the very beginning of his career that saw him playing second lead to Aftab Shivdasani in Footpath, he goes on to add, "If I had thought on those lines, would I have done Murder considering it was supposed to be Mallika's film? When I do a film, I move ahead and let the audience decide whose film it was. I don't yell from the top of my voice that 'This is MY film'. The same holds good for Raaz - The Mystery Continues as well."
Some actors choose to do that though. They want the world to know that they have the most important part to play in a film. "Other actors may have different work priorities, I have my own. I work for the betterment of the character; the way the director wants me to play it. At the end of the day, a film is much bigger than the actor. And by the way, whenever I have a special appearance in the film, I haven't hidden it. There is no point being dishonest to your audience. In case of Kalyug, I had told people that I had a special appearance and it was basically a Kunal (Khemu) film", remembers Emraan Hashmi.
Which means he has a full fledged role in Raaz - The Mystery Continues even though all the romance seems to be reserved for Kangna and Adhyayan Suman? "Absolutely. I have a full blown character to enact in Raaz -TMC. As for who romances whom in the film, then well, watch the film", he winks before signing off.

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