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AB to launch second perfume line

Posted by Mohan Desai On 5:49 PM
Amitabh Bachchan is set to spray yet another whiff of fragrance with the launch of his second perfume line. Amitabh's new cologne will be launched by the makers of his first signature perfume, French brand Lomani. "It was delightful to meet up with old friends and colleagues who had worked on the earlier (perfume line)," the Bollywood star wrote on his blog on Monday. Amitabh met the perfume makers in Paris on January 15. "Early morning meetings with the perfume people. New fragrance, new marketing and fresh plans all worked out. Would want to launch (the new perfume line) within 7-9 months. That's how long it takes to prepare (the) flavour and design," Amitabh said. In 2002, Lomani had introduced a floral-spicy blend named after the star - Amitabh. B Pour Homme (for men) and Amitabh. B Pour Femme (for women). Both the brands were an instant hit in the market.

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