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For her 24th birthday today, Sonam Kapoor could not have expected any gift like the invite that came from a leading Hollywood trade magazine to be featured in its Gen Next section along with other young cinema stars from Asia.Interestingly, in this day and age of the Internet and e-mail, Sonam received the good news from the friendly neighbourhood postman who dropped a letter from the magazine at the Kapoor’s JVPD residence.“Selective young talents are being featured here. I attribute this little achievement to the India Shining movement which the world is so high on now. And also because I am Anil Kapoor’s daughter,” said the actress whose classic beauty was one of the reasons the magazine selected her.This is the first time an Indian talent has been acknowledged in a western trade platform. “It’s very encouraging for youngsters like me and a great platform for any actor,” said Sonam.Her own Gen Next idol is Natalie Portman, the Israeli-American actress of the Star Wars prequel trilogy and other films like Closer, Where The Heart Is. “The way she has handled her life and career fascinates me. She is intelligent, talks her mind and is socially very conscious. I totally connect with her,” said Sonam who someday hopes to work with Hollywood directors like Martin Scorcese, Sam Mendes, Pedro Almodovar, David Fincher, Mike Nicholas and Woody Allen.“I am open to offers from world cinema. I will accept any script which has a substantial role for me from any part of the world. It could be in French, Spanish, English or any other language,” said the actress eagerly. Meanwhile, the Hollywood magazine call is not her biggest birthday gift. “My most precious gift is that my family is together on my birthday after a long time, so it’s really special,” she revealed. Celebrations are at home after which Sonam will be leaving for an international awards function.

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