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SRK won't shake a leg at IPL 2 finale

Posted by Mohan Desai On 4:46 PM

While Shah Rukh Khan insists it's because of his shoulder injury, the pathetic performance of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is possibly the main reasonThere's bad news for Shah Rukh Khan fans across the globe.They'll miss King Khan in action, as he won't be performing at the grand finale of the IPL season 2, which will be held at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg tomorrow.The finale will have a grand show put up by Cineyug's Morani Brothers and Development Network Africa.Says a source from South Africa, "The Morani Brothers are very close to Shah Rukh and are scripting and directing the event.It's strange that Shah Rukh, who performs in almost every show of the Morani's, won't be performing this time. In fact he's not even going t o south Africa for the finals."Commenting on SRK not performing at the finals, Mohammed Morani, says, "Shah Rukh has been a part of most of our shows and it's sad not to have him this time. Actually, he's busy shooting and didn't have dates for the event."Besides, a source adds that people had expected SRK to come for the IPL finals and cheer his team but apparently he's keeping a low profile, as KKR failed miserably in the tournament."Hence, Shah Rukh just wants to keep away from all the controversies and concentrate on his work," he says.Speaking to MiD DAY, Shah Rukh said, "I won't be able to perform at the IPL finals this time as my shoulder is till healing."A source close to Shah Rukh, dismissing the gossip, says, "Shah Rukh is busy completing his shooting commitments and hence, he's unable to attend the event.Also, he's not keeping a low profile – it's just that there are no parties or social events for him to attend right now."But a source from South Africa perseveres, "Shah Rukh performed at builder Kanti Govani's nephew's wedding, which was held on April 30. If he could perform then, why not now?" he questions.Apart from Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty, the IPL finals won't have any big tinsel town stars performing this year.However, Morani says, "As IPL is a global event, it will witness performances by Eddy Grant, percussionist Sivamani with 100 drummers, Akon, Miss Bollywood (South Africa) and quite a few internationals acts."

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