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Twinkle unzips Akshay's jeans at LFW

Posted by Mohan Desai On 1:04 PM

In full view of the cameras and public glare, Akshay Kumar was unzipped by wifey Twinkle Khanna at Lakme India Fashion Week in Mumbai.Bollywood stars brought in a lot of glam and oomph to the gala event in Mumbai. At Tarun Tahilani ’s exclusive Levi’s show on day 4 of Lakme India Fashion Week, the Levi’s brand ambassador Akshay Kumar turned out to be the ultimate show stopper. Dressed in sleeveless green Levi’s T-shirt, jaded blue jeans, leather boots and sun glasses, Akshay walked the ramp in true macho style. Everything was going expectedly until Akshay decided spring a surprise when one of the models on the ramp stepped forward to unzip Akshay’s denims.
But Akshay said no to her by waving his one finger and took everyone by surprise when he asked his wife to do so. The actor stepped down from the ramp and walked to wife Twinkle sitting in the front row and asked her to unzip him.Twinkle blushed momentarily, but Akshay took her hands and asked her to do the act. And she did so, invoking loud cheers from the crowd.About this unzipping-unbuttoning episode Akshay is quoted as saying: “There is nothing wrong in it. Everybody unbuttons himself or gets unbuttoned by someone. What's the big deal about it?”While it did appear a planned act, but Akshay didn’t care a hoot. “It's great to be unbuttoned by your wife,” the actor quipped

3 Response to 'Twinkle unzips Akshay's jeans at LFW'

  1. hello Said,

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  2. krishna Said,

    i hate bollywood illiterate basterds :D there is not creativity they know just to make films with same graph basterds


  3. yes, this is really not good for our bollywood.
    We not accepting this kind of behaviour from Aksay kumar. Because he is our national hero ,we like to see him in movie, but we cant accept this kind of behavour


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