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This is not just a sensational headline, written to grab the maximum eyeballs, nor are we resorting to yellow journalism. This is a plain fact, that has been accepted by none other than the very much in love couple Emraan Hashmi and wife Parveen Hashmi.In an exclusive joint interview, given to a reputed International magazine, the couple comes out in the open about their beautiful relationship. They talked about almost everything, right from their courtship days, how Emraan, true to his intense on-screen lover image, stalked and wooed Parveen and kept persuading her till she finally said "yes", right down to their life after marriage!Well, we all know that Parveen is quite a possessive wife and Emraan has said many times that he will stop kissing as he has a fight with his wife every time he is required to do a kissing scene. But what came as a shock was the revelation that Parveen has slapped (!) Emraan quite a few times for kissing on-screen, during trial shows of the concerned movies. And this was revealed in a very light hearted manner by the couple.Though on many previous occasions Emraan had given statements that he would stop kissing on-screen after marriage, but he could not stick to his promise, so strong was his image. In fact quite a few films in which Emraan did not kiss failed to set the cash registers ringing.Of course, it is another matter that the films were too bad, but nonetheless the serial kisser is now riding high (despite a lovingly furious wife!) with back to back success via Jannat and Raaz-The Mystery Continues...

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