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Sonam Kapoor is dating Abhay Deol?

Posted by Mohan Desai On 1:05 PM

If the latest rumours are to be believed our Masakali girl Sonam Kapoor is showing keen interest in modern Dev D Abhay Deol. The duo have been spending quality time together over the last few weeks. Even though it is early to predict where this friendship is going, sources reveal the two revel in each other's company.Sonam was the first one to enter and the last one to leave at Abhay's birthday bash on Sunday (March 15) . According to a source, the bash was only for Abhay's non-filmi friends."As there was no one from Bollywood, the duo were completely relaxed and did not mind being spotted together," informs a source.Also, Abhay was among one of the few personal guests invited by Sonam at the Delhi-6 premiere. We also hear that their 'friendship' is ssoon turning professional as well. The duo would also sizzle in Anil Kapoor's production Ayesha, based on Jane Austen's novel Emma. Apparently, Sonam had recommended Abhay's name for the role of one of the leads in this three-hero project.She has always liked Abhay's choice of movies. Ayesha might well be Abhay's first dig at a commercial movie."

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