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Now 'Deshdrohi 2'

Posted by Mohan Desai On 4:45 PM
KRK continues to make news! Actor/film-maker Kamaal R. Khan [KRK], who hit front-page news when he made DESHDROHI, is now making DESHDROHI 2. While DESHDROHI dealt with the injustice meted out to North Indians in Mumbai, DESHDROHI 2 - 26/11 WAR IN MUMBAI [yes, that's the title of his new film] is about the terrorist attacks across Mumbai. The attacks, which began on 26th November and lasted until 29th November last year, drew widespread condemnation across the world.Besides KRK, DESHDROHI 2 - 26/11 WAR IN MUMBAI will co-star Priyanshu Chatterjee, Anuj Sawhney, Siddharth Koirala and Aslam Khan [NAYEE PADOSAN], who will play the role of the dreaded Pakistani terrorist Kasab. KRK faced a lot of problems during the release of DESHDROHI, is he prepared to face the heat again in DESHDROHI 2 - 26/11 WAR IN MUMBAI? "I am well aware that there would be obstacles on the way, but I am ready to face it," KRK informs me. Produced by Abhay Sinha and KRK, DESHDROHI 2 - 26/11 WAR IN MUMBAI will be directed by Sanjay Jha Mastan, who had directed PRAAN JAAYE PAR SHAAN NA JAYE in the past and is directing MUMBAI CHAKACHAK currently. The film will be launched today

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