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Me married to Salman? What rubbish: Katrina Kaif

Posted by Mohan Desai On 12:31 PM

A report in a Marathi paper that she's married has the actress incredulous with disbelief."It's complete rubbish and the paper is denying it. When I marry the world will know. Right now I've no such plans." But she isn't denying that she's with Salman. In fact one of her abiding regrets is that she and Salman have not been able to form a saleable pair on screen. Katrina had hoped Yuvraaj would work, so that she and Salman would be a saleable pair and filmmakers would sign her with Salman as eagerly as they do with Akshay Kumar and Ranbir Kapoor. Apparently Subhash Ghai kept writing the script as the film progressed.After a pause Katrina says, "I'd like to stick to a bound script from now on. The time has come for the entire film industry to get completely organized. A script helps both the director and the actor to connect wth each other and with the plot. I'm not going to be shy about insisting on a script.Tell her she had very little space in Yuvraaj, and Katrina admits, "Yeah, that was something I grew gradually aware of. I didn't have that much to do. But that's okay."Katrina's sister Isabel is not getting into Bollywood. Not right now.Says Katrina, "That was something which was blown out of all proportions. At the moment she's too young to take up an acting career. In fact my sister is off to drama school. Something I never got to do, and I wish I had. Not being a trained actress bothers me me and I am happy that my sister is taking that route."However, not attending school doesn't make Katrina feel inadequate as an actress. "I think I had to undertake my own journey and do things my own way. I learnt on the job. I think I've acquired knowledge of the camera on-camera. So no regrets about not attending any acting school. If I had regrets about any aspect of my career I'd be the most ungrateful person on the planet. Look at the level of acceptance I've received in so little time. Some people don't get this kind of success after working all their lives." Katrina is nonchalant about not being considered a lucky mascot any more after the failure of Yuvraaj. "I think that's just people talking a lot of nonsense. Actors far more intelligent and talented than me have had to deal with ups and downs. Sooner or later I'd have had to deal with failure. No point in brooding about it. I've learnt my lessons from the Yuvraaj experience."Commenting on the constant speculation on their relationship Katrina says, "That's bound to happen. If you're a public figure and at the end of the day neither of the party is clarifying anything, there's bound to be a lot of speculation and unnecessary comment. But I'm not going to get provoked into giving explanations. Because once they start, they never end." What about that damning picture of Katrina with her face covered as she entered her birthday party last year? "That wasn't when I entered the party. The picture was atken was while we were leaving. I was tired….and yes, I was disappointed. I didn't want it to be turned into tamasha. It wasn't meant that to be. I realize I can't be talked about only for my work. You can't have things exactly the way you want them to be. You can't have fans and now get blown away by the breeze once in a while."

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