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I hate Valentine Day : Neha Dhupia

Posted by Mohan Desai On 12:35 PM

When all are gearing up to celebrate this beautiful day, Neha shocked us by saying that she hates Valentine Day. She informs that V day is just another day for her. Interestingly Neha has been dating her childhood buddy, a famous squash player Ritwik since long time.But then what is the reason to hate such a lovely day? “I think it’s really stupid concept. I don’t understand why do we even need to celebrate that day? It’s not a festival to celebrate? I don’t see the significance of that day? No one knows who was Valentine, was he a man or priest? We still celebrate it so blindly. I am not doing it.” She reacts.Is that the reason for not celebrating such a beautiful day? Neha recalls a funny memory related to this day. “I was very fat when I was in school I was very ugly. On every Valentines every girl used to get chocolates except me. That’s how I hate V Day. Now all those boys must be regretting for not giving me gifts on that day

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