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‘13B’ crew had some scary experiences on sets

Posted by Mohan Desai On 12:55 PM
R Madhavan the star of 13B says he came across some scary experiences on the sets of what he is currently shooting. Although generally the number 13 is always associated with evil or some bad luck, actor R Madhavan revealed that there was nothing mysterious about the number 13 or anything.
The actor confesses to strange events taking place on the sets, because every thirteenth day some disaster would occur on the sets. And on the 13th of every month, the weather would act all funky and mess up things so much so that they have had to cancel shoots.
“but I don’t believe in the myths associated with number 13,” says Madhavan. Although the director has used the number 13 as the movies title, he too admits to not finding any negative connotation attached to it.
“That the number 13 has an evil connotation is a cliche … so I used this cliche to create an element of spook and fear” says director Vikram K. Kumar
13B is the flat number of the director and this struck him while he was writing the scrpt for the film. He apparently went through a sequence of instances when he came across the number 13 constantly. So he took this as a sign and titled the film ‘13B’.

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