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Where is Salman Khan?

Posted by Mohan Desai On 10:03 AM
These days are hard for any actor to succeed in the industry. As every one is fighting for the title of the best in the industry, Salman Khan is no where4 to be seen in the race. He used to be the one on everyone’s mind at one point of time, but now he has a lot of ground to cover if he wants to make it up there with his buddies Akshay and Aamir.
Salman’s acting skills and stardom are being questioned after he delivered four big flops last year - God Tussi Great Ho, Heroes, Hello and Yuvvraaj. The failure of Yuvvraaj in particular was a huge setback to the actor.
Although Salman has probably one of the biggest fan following, if he keeps up this new trend he has started then there is certaintly a problem in his books, after all the fans don’t like to be disappointed.
A large number of people are blaming this non stop flop spree on his overly increasing drinking habit. Trade expert Amod Mehra commented “Salman is less dedicated than Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan. His approach towards his films is very lethargic. Also, he doesn’t promote his films like Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar do. He has also put on weight as he has taken his body for granted. He is currently at the fifth position among actors. Not just Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, even Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan are ahead of him. However, I don’t think Salman’s drinking habit on the sets is any hindrance to his performance.” We really hope Sallu bhai picks up speed these days at least for the sake of his fans yaar.

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