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Shahid Kapur

Posted by Mohan Desai On 6:07 PM

Some people might look at me and say he is a star now but I know what I have gone through to become one! I must have given 50 auditions before Ishq Vishq happened as I wanted to be a hero since I was 18! However, I was rejected in almost all of them! I kept trying and finally got through Ken Ghosh who was auditioning guys for his film Ishq Vishq and he too rejected me! He thought I looked very young to become a hero. I understood his point and started working on my body in order to look like a hero. Fortunately (for me) his film didn’t start for a year and I again went up to him and asked him to reconsider me for the role. After initial hesitance he got convinced that I fit the bill and I was signed. There is nothing like overnight successes in any field and for those who want to make it big have to be persistent. I was just another young kid wanting to be an actor and did feel various times that I should give up my dream. However I kept trying and today I am here.

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