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I did not want to spoil Abhishek's fun: Aishwarya

Posted by Mohan Desai On 5:23 PM
Its said that Aishwarya was supposed to be there in Dostana but she decided to drop out on her own. When asked she said that it was her decison drop out coz she felt that the film was actually based on the chemistry and the rapport that John and Abhishekh share. Its not about her love story. She personally felt that if she would be in the film then the entire focus would be on her and Abhishekh and the main story of the film would be sidelined.The viewers wold start expecting a love story between them and the fun space and chemistry between Abhishekh John would be neglected. She also said that as the movie was supposed to be filmed back then and be her first release after marriage she did not want the viewers to start assuming things.They were seen together in Sarkar Raj but in a serious role but Dostana being a light and funfilled film she did not want to spoil the fun so she decided to walk out.When asked about the kissing scene between John and Abhishekh all she had to say was finally all that mattered was if the viewers enjoyed the film or not.

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