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Asin trains in Kalaripayattu

Posted by Mohan Desai On 4:14 PM

The South Indian sensation, who took everyone’s breath away with her first Hindi movie Ghajini, is back in Kerala. Being in one’s own hometown has a different charm to it, and this time, it has a deeper purpose for Asin. She is here for a rigorous training in the martial art Kalaripayattu.She is actually learning this art of for a role in a Tamil movie, but she is enjoying this routine beyond taking it as a professional move. She also stated that the fact that she was trained in Indian classical dance has helped her immensely to learn and carry out the tough postures. She was also happy to see many youngsters who come to learn this art form.While we hear of so many actors and actresses busy with their social life and partying, it is also nice to see someone spending her time focused on something as worthwhile as this. We are proud of you, Asin!

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