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Vidya's steamy life

Posted by Mohan Desai On 12:25 PM
Ok, there are steamy things happening in Vidya Balan’s life.First, she’s being linked with Vivek Oberoi which she finds so ‘uncool’, but let’s get to the ‘hot stuff’... Photographer-friend Atul Kasbekar gifted Vidya a coffee-making machine recently. Now, we know Vids is a complete C-n-C (Chai and Coffee) person. But there’s a kaafi interesting connection with her ‘special gift’.The machine presented to her is endorsed by George Clooney, someone Balan is crazy about. So when Atul made a trip to Switzerland, he saw Clooney posing with this brew machine. And he simply went into the mall and picked it up for the actress. By George, only if all dosts were like him... As for Balan, she has been waking up and smelling the coffee these days!

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