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Salman Khan gets creative with his hair in Veer

Posted by Mohan Desai On 1:13 PM

Salman Khan has gone all out to look different in his home production, Veer with the help of his hairstylist friend Aalim Hakim. The actor sports three different looks in the period flick. Sources reveal that he has taken a special interest in making sure all the looks are distinct from each other.Aalim, who has worked with the actor on Veer and London Dreams says, "Salman doesn't go with current trends. He likes to go against what's popular to create his own fashion statement. Salman's a style icon and in Veer he's worked hard on his look."About Sallu's styling Aalim says, "His first look sports classic short hair which was popular in the 1900s. In his second look, he will be seen in long hair, Gladiator style. His third style has him in a Shanghai pony tail which I think is remarkable."Adds Aalim, "Salman grew his hair for Veer. But wherever we wanted it longer, he has used extensions," informs Aalim.Interestingly, Khan won't just be seen in three distinct hair styles, but also different hair colours. For his Gladiator look, his hair is in shades of light chocolate brown.However, Salman's experiments with his hair will end soon. Aalim reveals, "Salman will have to go back to his short-haired look once he starts shooting for his TV show Dus Ka Dum."

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