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Kamal R Khan will make a sequel to ‘Deshdrohi’

Posted by Mohan Desai On 12:05 PM
kamal R Khan will now make a sequel to his immensely controversial debut ‘Deshdrohi’. Although he has not yet release the film in Mumbai, which is basically the target market of his film, he yet wants to make another film without even knowing the outcome of his first.
Although his movie was kind of a hit in the northern areas of India, this movie was under threat if released in Mumbai. Now that the film will release for sure, KRK is totally confident of its success.
Now listen to this, Deshdrohi 2 will be based on the 26/11 events at the Taj and Trident hotels. Easily one of the most controversial topics to pick on, KRK has out done himself. He will cash in on one of the saddest days in the history of Mumbai, and make this tragic event into entertainment for the hungry public. He has no fears of the outcome of this movie, and now that this is out in the open only time will tell what the movie will be like.
He has also recruited reality TV star Ashutosh Kaushik for the parallel lead in the film.
Well apparently a source has confirmed otherwise about his intentions stating “Kamaal is currently leafing through newspapers and magazines to gather information about the incident. He is also in talks with a lot of people closely involved with the incident. Kamaal wants to bring to light the lengths that politicians and socialites go to see their pictures and quotes splashed across the media. Kamaal also plans to highlight the race among media channels to telecast exclusive news to boost their TRP ratings” making KRK the saint of the moment.
Anyways we eagerly await for the outcome of Deshdrohi so we can get an idea what KRK has to say to the city.

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