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John and Neil doing a 'Dostana' in 'New York'

Posted by Mohan Desai On 1:00 PM

Just recently, we were entertained with the 'gay' film (pun intended) Dostana. The film which starred John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan and yes, the lovely Priyanka Chopra was a rage. But it was not just Priyanka's sexy bikini act but also John and Abhishek's pairing as a gay couple in the film that attracted the masses.And just when we thought that Dostana was the thing of the past, look at what we came across! Seems like Johnny boy has moved on and found a new soul mate. He is none other than Neil Nitin Mukesh. These funny images were sent to us by one of our surfers and boy, we just couldn't stop laughing looking at them. We are sure Abhishek won't be too amused with this 'Dostana 2'. As for Bipasha… well, we only can imagine her exclaim 'Not again!'The duo, John and Neil, will be seen along with Katrina Kaif in YRF's New York. The film is about the change that occurs in the life of these three friends after a certain horrifying incident.However, looking at the chemistry between these two male stars, we surely can't wait to see their histrionics onscreen.

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