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Happy Birthday, Imran Khan

Posted by Mohan Desai On 1:28 PM
Imran has created waves though he has been in the limelight for less than a year. Born in LA to Mansoor Khan's sister Nuzhat Khan and Ajit Pal, Imran moved to India at a very young age when his parents divorced. He has been raised by his mother and is a complete mamma's boy. A student of Bombay Scottish School, Imran originally wanted to be a director and took a filmmaking course in LA, but destiny had other plans. Khan had played young Aamir Khan in Qayamat se Qayamat Tak and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander in '88 and '92 so it was time for him to grace the silver screen once again as an adult. His debut flick, Jaane tu yaa Jaane was in the making for three years but was a phenomenal success when it released in June 2008. Harman Baweja also debuted on the same day but people preferred Imran to Harman, hands down.Mamu Aamir went all out to promote Imran. He produced the film, he held a very long meeting in Hyderabad to talk about him to important people from the industry, he launched the music at Shammi Kapoor's residence as he considers him his lucky mascot and he held a grand premiere of the film which was graced by A-listers like Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan. Girls went crazy over Imran's chocolate boy looks and innocent sex appeal. Imran became a rage overnight. Everyone wanted a boyfriend and best friend like his character Jay.People eagerly awaited his negative turn in Kidnap. The movie was a stinker but Imran was worth all the money you put in. The hottie looked lean and mean and was effortlessly fluid and agile in the action scenes.Imran loves reading and will read labels on bottles if he has nothing else. He is passionate about filmmaking and hopes to direct a film one day. He and girlfriend Avantika Mallik are seen at most Hollywood premieres. They have been dating for five years. Unlike his uncle, Aamir, he isn't secretive about his private life.Imran has his hands full with Aamir Khan Productions' raunchy English comedy Delhi Belly and Soham Shah's thriller Luck with family friend Shruti Haasan and Sanjay Dutt. He gets a few film offers everyday and is offered as much as Rs. 12 crore but he is very selective about his films, just like his Mamu. He is also tipped to recieve the Best Debut award at most of the popular ceremonies.We wish this B-Town newbie a very successful journey in the big, bag Bollywood world and many joyful years ahead.

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